Simplify LifeWhat would and can happen when We have a major catastrophe and lose the Power Grid?

Firstly, The fact is, this can and by all accounts will happen sooner than later!

Why is because the Grid is overloaded and by design very outdated. We as a Society, are in total dependency on the Grid to provide all of Our Power needs personally and commercially.

Without electric power, Radio,TV stations, and phone services won’t work, so there’ll be almost no communication. Water systems will cease to function, gas stations won’t be able to pump fuel, banking transactions (including ATMs) will fail, and the network for distributing food will collapse. Perishable foods and medications that require refrigeration or freezing will spoil in a day. Emergency services will be unavailable, including those necessary to fight the tens of thousands of fires that will start from short circuits on the grid.

Medically, the inability to produce or distribute proper medications would doom many needing cancer treatments or suffering from heart disease, Type I diabetes, and other ailments.

Most farmers won’t be able to plant, fertilize, irrigate, or harvest, but even if they could, they won’t be able to get their products to market because there will no longer be transportation. What is harvested won’t be preserved since there will be no power to run refrigeration and none to run the factories that ordinarily can our food.

Supermarkets typically have just a few days’ supply of food and are being resupplied continuously every 1-3 days. Once the power goes out, the supermarkets will quickly be emptied and it could be months before they’re resupplied.

Imagine the great metropolitan areas of this country: the corridor from Boston to Washington, DC, which includes the great cities of New York and Philadelphia among them, and has a population of about 50 million people, the Chicago area with its millions, the Los Angeles to San Diego corridor, Seattle, Portland, etc., and suddenly there’s no food coming in, the water is turned off, and sewage facilities no longer carry away and treat our daily waste.

In no time at all cities will become quagmires of hungry, thirsty people living amid filth, squalor, and disease.
What do You suppose will happen then??

This is not meant to scare You, However it should!
Your backup plan for a week or two’s worth of Food, Water, and essentials should be in place now.
So, here’s the Question…are they?? If not, there’s no time like the present! We all need to recognize that being prepared no matter where You live is imperitive. It could be the matter of surviving VS not!

We at Maine Off Grid Living have come to realize that being prepared and not being dependent on the Grid is of extreme importance.

At what level of “Off Grid” You choose is up to You  whether it be Solar, Geo-Thermal, Wind,etc. or a combination of them all will determine your ability to make it through and sustain.

Growing Your own Vegetables and looking at the viability of Permaculture is an important aspect of being “Off Grid” and having the available food, etc for your Family.

To sum up, there are many aspects of Living Affordably and Sustainability without the use of the “Grid”
Think about your circumstances and determine yours and your Families ability to be “Off Grid”

We will be scheduling a Google hangout soon to discuss these and other aspects to “Off Grid” Living.

We hope You’ll Join Us!

~Jeffrey Miller