A Note from Jeff…
As an Entrepreneur, Home Bulider and Land Developer for many years I’ve come to appreciate the simple elegance in Tiny Homes.

So much so, that as Emily and I developed Maine Off Grid Living, I recognized the need to return to building and introduce several “Tiny Home” models.

So, here We go! New England Tiny Homes is Officially open for Business!

Below is a bit of info about Tiny Homes…

What is a Tiny Home and would You live in one??

Tiny Homes are houses that are very small in size. Much smaller than the average house.
Most people are seeing Tiny Homes as Housing that you can afford. Maintenance costs are low, and they leave you with more time and money to enjoy life.

People are slowly beginning to realize that owning a huge home that will take 30 years to pay off, and that will require maintenance costs even longer than that, is not the way to go. Some people are even finding that you don’t even need to own land to have a place to call home.

How Tiny is a Tiny Home?

Well, generally from 300-500 sq. ft.
Tiny Homes can be placed at a permanent location, or mounted on trailers so that they can be moved easily whenever the need arises.

The trend is now leaning towards a smaller home. WHY is the question…

The recent housing crisis has caused many people to sit back and think about what they really want out of a home. Also, many people have lost their home due to the economic downturn and mortgage crisis. Many also are feeling the desire to downsize.
Having a huge house is not the most important thing to a lot of people anymore. What they have come to realize is that there is financial freedom to be found when they no longer have a mortgage payment as well as extra time to enjoy life.

Are Tiny Homes Affordable??

You betcha they are! Much more affordable from a construction point of view and the overall cost of maintenance and upkeep.

What will a Tiny Home Cost??

Prices vary based on size and whether You will build it yourself or buy a Tiny Home.
However, a Trailer mounted Tiny Home will average about $25,000 – 35,000.00 US to purchase complete.

We would be happy to answer any of Your Questions about Tiny Homes.

Our Tiny Homes will be built to order. Please do not hesitate to call or write!

We look forward to helping You Realize Your Dream!
Emily and Jeff