Have you considered using a composting toilet? This can be a more cost effective solution and simple to maintain and use instead of adding a septic tank without all the plumbing requirements.

I’ve used them when staying in eco friendly camp sites and even more recently in one of the visitor centres in Maine.

Jeff and I, decided to do some research on YouTube because it’s a question we sometimes get asked on our Facebook page.

Here’s one that we found that we liked the look of, although the video is entertaining probably not the way they intended – dynamo music is all I will say!

Sun-Mar Composting Toilets – No Water! No Plumbing connections needed! No Oder!

The world leader in composting technology. Sun-Mar composting toilets feature a patented BioDrum design to optimize the aerobic breakdown of waste. They can be easily installed in cabins, cottages, outhouses, pool cabanas, sheds, and even in your own home. No Water! No Plumbing connections needed! No Oder!