We’ve been investigating how to find water on your land using Dowsing. Water is one of the key things you will need for Off Grid Living. We all need good and clean water to live. The simplest solution is to dig a well. The question is finding the best place for your well?

A friend of ours told us about his experience of using a dowsing doctor (sometimes they are called witches). So we started to investigate using our friend YouTube!

Here is what we found about Dowsing with L-Rods, a three part series …

Dowsing with L-Rods – Part 1

Dowsing with L-Rods part 2

Dowsing with L-Rods part 3

Jeff and I, may well have a go at using an L-Rod when the time is right to see if we can find water on our land. Our neighbours have natural springs so we are confident we will too!

We’d love to know if you have ever tried this method to find water on your land or something else?!