In doing more YouTube investigation we found this video about a dry flush toilet. This is an unboxing and review of the Dry Flush Toilet I purchased from Little Guy Trailers to use in my camper and on my boat.

We’ve never seen anything like this before and are not sure it’s a very cost effective solution because of the price you have to spend on the bags.

In the comments, you can learn the cost per “flush” is about $1.07 due to the costly liners.

And yeah near the final few uses it will be pretty near the top with a much shallower depth and could be pretty heavy to remove about 17 lbs? when time to remove the liner refill? And yeah it is massively non environmental lots of non degradeble plastic gets thrown out. but you can put it anywhere and use it anywhere the battery supposed to last about 200 to 300 uses on a charge. So great for the tent or out camping or on the road.

We are sharing because it’s interesting to note but we are not going to choose this dry flush toilet as our off grid living solution! Would you use a dry flush toilet or have you?